A Way Forward

Instead of fighting over why we are different, what if we were able to focus on what we have in common and use that to build a better world for the future? What would happen if we were able to connect through the universal language of music to create something beautiful?  What if the next generation had the chance and skills to succeed? What if we could change the world, one note at a time?

For centuries, music has been referred to as one of the most universal languages. You can take people from all over the world and, regardless of their native language, culture, economic or socio-political background, they can communicate, connect and create something real. They are able to “speak” with one another from a place within the heart. It has also been proven on multiple occasions, that there are many benefits from the study of music. These benefits include everything from increased language and reasoning skills, improved spatial intelligence and creative thinking, to increased self-confidence and a sense of teamwork and pride.

What can we do to see that our future is bright and full of hope? The first thing we can do is honor the obligation we have to leave this world a better place than we found it and to set in motion change that will better everyone. I believe that a world connected by music will help stimulate this change. We can help teach and encourage future generations to see beyond the visual differences and connect in a way that fosters love and understanding.

We can do all these things to find a better way forward. Now, we just need to figure out how.